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The BMW Lineup

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At BMW of Chattanooga, we are passionate about sharing the luxury and exceptional engineering that our brand is known for with our valued customers. Each year, the BMW line evolves further by introducing new models, trim levels, and features. In fact, with so many exciting possibilities offered to you in the current BMW lineup, you could uncover the perfect car or crossover SUV for your next purchase in our inventory. What can you expect to find when you explore today's BMW lineup?


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Exceptional Engineering

BMW is the brand that Chattanooga's drivers prefer when they crave an elite driving experience. BMW's history is rooted in British engineering genius. The superiority of the brand's capabilities continues to be displayed today through more powerful engines, the utilization of hybrid and electric technologies, enhanced agility, and more. After reading about the latest updates to our BMW models under the hood, your next move should be to experience the impact of these updates on your driving experience with a test drive.

Premium Amenities

Each BMW on the road today is properly outfitted with a wide range of modern amenities, from fine interior materials to advanced technologies and innovative safety features. These amenities combine to keep you safer, more comfortable, and better connected on the road. With innovations incorporated into our models year after year, you will undoubtedly be impressed by what you discover when reviewing our current models more closely at BMW of Chattanooga.