At Your Lease End, BMW of Chattanooga Gives You Plenty of Options!

Leasing a new BMW is one of the most rewarding luxury vehicle ownership experiences there is, but what happens when the terms of your lease come to an end? Here at BMW of Chattanooga, we're here to help walk you through all aspects of the lease-end process, whether you originally leased your BMW from us or another BMW dealership! Our friendly and professional Client Advisors are able to give you the straightforward information you need to make the right lease-end decisions for your own situation.

Some Lease-End Tips from BMW of Chattanooga

  • For the most effective lease-end consult, we recommend contacting us no less than 90 days before your lease is due to expire. This gives you a chance to review all lease-end options, which could range from purchasing your leased BMW to leasing a fresh, new BMW model!
  • Getting a pre-inspection prior to your lease-end is a good idea; it'll give you a clear list of excess wear & use charges, and you can then determine whether you want to make the necessary repairs yourself or proceed forward.
  • Even if you leased your BMW from another dealership, you can turn it in to us here at BMW of Chattanooga and move onto your next BMW all in the same move!
  • When you come to return your vehicle, here's what you need to bring with you: both sets of keys, manufacturers booklets, as well as navigation disc and cargo covers (if applicable).

  • If you'd like to terminate your lease early and get into a new BMW at that time, our Client Advisors can provide you with program details to help you accomplish this goal.
  • If you'd like, you can see if your current BMW qualifies for the Certified Pre-Owned BMW Program, you can certify your BMW and then purchase it as part of the BMW CPO program!
  • There are benefits to returning your current BMW and moving onto another BMW lease, like loyalty programs! One of our Client Advisors can give you the most up-to-date information when you come in to the dealership.

A pre-lease end inspection is all you need to take advantage of the benefits listed above, and they're quick and easy. We perform these inspections during our normal business hours and they take about fifteen minutes-well worth the time! Give us a call at (855) 674-7371 to schedule an appointment, and thanks for being part of the BMW family and our family here at BMW of Chattanooga!


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