When a car gets knocked out of alignment, something that can happen easily, the vehicle won't drive perfectly straight. That's a problem worth correcting since out-of-alignment wheels present hazards. Also, poor alignment adds to tire wear. So, don't delay on the fix.

A wheel alignment isn't difficult work to perform, but it does rely on a skilled technician. Basically, the job involves returning the current alignment back to the manufacturer's specs. The process involves a three-step approach. Three angles, the caster, camber, and toe receive adjustments after being measured.

When you take your car in for routine service, have the alignment checked. Checking the alignment after hitting something in the road or a curb makes sense, too. If you think you need the alignment checked, have someone look at it. Prudence supports safety.

Get your alignment checked and adjusted at our service department. At BMW of Chattanooga, we can handle all kinds of maintenance and repair requests.


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