BMW owners are a select group. The cars they own are built with superior mechanical construction and furnished with the most innovative features smart technology has to offer.

When you bring your BMW to an authorized service center, care for your vehicle will be handled by BMW-trained technicians only. The parts that need to be replaced will only be replaced with BMW parts. The tires are also BMW approved and are designed to be a perfect match to your particular vehicle. BMW's maintenance service programs---the comprehensive BMW Ultimate Care, Ultimate Care+, and Value Service---assure that its vehicles will receive superior workmanship that only BMW-certified mechanics can execute.

BMW of Chattanooga wants to make sure that BMW owners are satisfied with their Ultimate Driving Machines as long as they own or lease them. Spring is a perfect time to bring in your vehicle to our specialized technicians in Chattanooga so they can ready it for the summer. This will of course be done with precision and BMW perfection.


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