The working parts of a car include several belts and hoses. Both are spoken about interchangeably, but they serve different purposes. Hose and belts, however, require proper maintenance to remain operational and safe. Replace such parts when necessary.

Belts and pulleys support engine parts and allow them to operate. The timing belt, for example, makes sure the engine pistons and valves run in sync. Depending on the car, if a timing belt snaps, the engine may end up totaled. Other belts run the water pump, alternator, and additional engine parts.

Radiator hoses carry coolant fluid. Two hoses in the radiator transfer coolant to help maintain the engine's temperature. In addition to hoses, fluids travel through steel lines. The brake lines, as expected, transfer brake fluids. Leaks in hoses and lines can mean serious problems for cars.

When you need regular or emergency service on hoses, lines, and belts, contact our service department. At BMW of Chattanooga, our service pros can help.


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