Spring offers a chance to do many things the cold weather of winter prevents. And, sometimes, the winter weather causes troubles that carry into spring. A car's tires, for example, may suffer dry rot. Road salt may lead to corrosion on brakes and other metal. Getting the tires, brakes, and more inspected once springtime hits become advisable. So does performing other care steps.

A thorough washing, one that also hits the undercarriage and waxes the exterior, should be a priority. So is checking the owner's manual to see what service is due or overdue. Safety, performance, and cost-saving are among the reasons why.

A multi-point inspection helps uncover concerns. If an oil change comes with a 24-point inspection, that's good. Investing in a 100-point inspection would be better. Ask about "Spring special" checks, too.

At our dealership, the service department team works hard to help owners with maintenance all year. Call for an appointment to bring in your car.


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