Learn How Oil Functions In Your Vehicle

There are many things that can affect how your vehicle performs over time. Because of how it keeps vital parts lubricated and working properly, your vehicle's motor oil is among these. Educating yourself about motor oil will help you use it to maintain your vehicle's health and performance level.

The viscosity of motor oil is a keep point to understand. Viscosity measures resistance to flow in oil. Lower viscosity oil flows more freely and faster than higher viscosity oil does. Another thing to keep in mind is that low viscosity oil is best used in cold weather because cold temperatures naturally thicken oil. The opposite is true for higher viscosity oil. Heat thins it out oil making it less efficient. As a result, higher viscosity oil is best for when the weather is warm.

If you need to have your vehicle service or if the time to change your vehicle's oil has come, then please come see us at BMW of Chattanooga.



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