How Many Different Versions Does the BMW 2 Series Come in?

The American driver has always harbored an attraction for vehicles that look fast and drive fast. One of the first attributes people noticed about the automobile was its speed in relation to the horse. Later automobile races became a proving ground that drew immense crowds. Now, with the BMW 2 Series of vehicles, you can experience power and speed for yourself.

The BMW 2 Series comes in two principal forms—the 230i and the 240i. Both of these models come in four different trims: The Coupe Rear-Wheel Drive, the Coupe All-wheel drive, the Convertible Rear-Wheel drive, and the Convertible All-Wheel drive. Though the drive trains alter from trim to trim, the power remains the same. The two models sport different engines with the 240i being the more powerful of the two.

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