How to Get Your Vehicle Ready for Driving in the Winter

We at BMW of Chattanooga have a great list of things that you may need to check on your car prior to winter driving. While you are thinking about it, start getting ready for winter by checking the items on the list and creating a winter survival kit for your car.

Fluids are an important part of safe winter driving. Checking them while it is warm out is a good reason to start winter driving preparations early! Have your battery, tires, tire pressure, windshield wipers and heater checked to make sure they are in good working condition. Your brakes are important for driving and stopping in the winter, so make sure you have them serviced too.

An emergency kit is not very time-consuming and is great to have if you need to dig your car out of snow or change a flat tire. A flashlight, shovel, gloves, a blanket, water, snacks, and an extra jacket are all great to have handy in the winter.



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