Grinding, Whining, and Smoke: Signs of Ignition Problems

Have you ever heard that whining or grinding noise when you try to start your vehicle? If you have, then you know that a dead battery isn't the only reason that your car sometimes won't start. Sometimes it's your ignition. If you've ever seen or smelled smoke from your vehicle and found out it was the starter, then you know that this problem can't be ignored. But what are the reasons that a starter might fail?

If you hear a grinding noise, it's likely that the starter is not engaging properly or is worn out. Similarly, if you hear a whining noise, that means that the starter gear and the flywheel are not engaging properly. If you have smoke, there are a couple of potential problems, but there is probably too much power being drawn.

If you have any concerns about your ignition, come to BMW of Chattanooga before you're stranded. We'll be happy to diagnose the problem and get your vehicle running again with timely auto service and repairs.

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