How to Identify Trouble With Your Fuel System

Paying closer attention to warning signs the fuel pump may be failing will allow you to get the car to a service station for repair before you wind up stranded on the side of the highway. The BMW service team here at BMW of Chattanooga can help!

If you are trying to move a heavy load or perhaps towing another vehicle, trouble with the fuel pump will reveal itself as the vehicle loses power trying to maintain a certain speed. When you have the car moving at high speeds, a sign of fuel pump trouble is when the car sputters like it is running low on fuel. This is because the pump is not sending the correct amounts any longer.

Another way you can tell if the fuel pump is failing is when the car begins surging even though you didn't give it more gas. If you fear issues with the fuel pump, head to our car repair facility for a complete fuel system inspection.

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